I've Not Failed Poster

I've Not Failed

I've Not Failed Poster
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Personal challenges can be as close as the next step we take. For most of us walking is automatic, but not so for the woman whose leg has been amputated. The failures we are willing to risk vary according to circumstance. Which pain, or sorrow, or disappointment do we need to face? It is easy to avoid facing our own particular fear of not making it.

What is our greatest fear? Whether we realize it or not, we are all afraid of one thing: not being authentic to ourselves. The effort to live up to self-designed expectations is at the heart of personal wholeness. To speak of authenticity in this manner is not to raise the question of a proper vocation or the achievement of excellence: It refers, rather, to the need for congruity between inner self and outward behavior. As we grow older, it is easier to live according to minimum expectations, rather than rise to the challenge of matching inner dreams with outward behavior. Authenticity equals possibility; inauthenticity leads us to deadness.

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