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Integrity is nothing but reality. Because there really is the principle [outside us] there really is the thing, and therefore the function. Because there really is the principle [within us] there really is the idea [literally 'mind'], and therefore the action. These are both examples of 'by fathoming the beginning you understand the end.

Integrity is not conceived as a substance like the mind and nature, and the principles of which they consist; it is the state of man when all these are as they should be. We have more than once noticed the difficulty with which the Neo-Confucians distinguish substances from qualities and states, and quoted a case in which Chu Hsi deals with it by means of the terms "solid word" (representing a substance) and "void word". In connection with integrity, Chu Hsi says:

"'Nature' is solid, 'integrity' is void. 'Nature' is a name for principle; 'integrity' is a name for an excellence. If you compare the nature to this fan, integrity may be compared to this fan being properly made."

Yi-ch'uan explains integrity as meaning that the mind is one:

"Making the mind one is what is meant by integrity."

"To make unity the ruling consideration is called composure; unity is called integrity."

"'Knowledge, benevolence, courage, these three, are the virtues required of all under heaven. The means by which they are practised is being one.' To be one is integrity; it is simply to realize these three. Outside the three there is no other integrity."

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