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The spirit of the age might find characteristic expression in some such words as these: Let us not concern ourselves with idle speculation in reference to things which the mind of man can never compass and understand. Why busy ourselves concerning the deeper significance and purpose of nature which our thought is utterly incapable of penetrating? While we may observe and classify the phenomena of nature, and formulate the laws of their behaviour, we can never hope to comprehend their inner meaning, forever veiled and obscure. Nature, which seems so near -- of which, indeed, we ourselves are a part -- nevertheless lies far beyond our ken.

All objects which move into our ken, the mind invests with the characteristic features of space and time. If any objects should show themselves under any other possible conditions, they could find no place in consciousness. While space and time are subjective conditions imposed upon experience, they are, nevertheless, real; as real as the objects themselves which appear in consciousness. What may be behind the series of appearances which constitute experience and what may be the real nature of things in themselves is another question. This, at least, can be said, that whatever reality the appearances of objects in consciousness may possess, the same reality attaches to the ideas of space and time, which are the necessary presuppositions of the possibility of such appearances.

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