Diversity Poster


Diversity Poster
Hammond, Don
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Such extreme differences might produce consistent behavioral correlations which are based on that complex of physiological, genetic, environmental, and cultural factors which undoubtedly account for the diversity of mankind. But any conclusions which stressed genetic causality to the exclusion of other factors would probably be wrong, for genes alone do not determine phenotypes.

There is often agreement as well as disagreement among men as to what courses of action, what objects of sense-perception and of human creation, and what human thoughts and statements are to be valued more highly than others. Whatever diversity there may be, nearly all men are agreed that some of these things are to be valued more highly than others. Another way of stating the same facts is to say that there are formal universals roughly corresponding to goodness, beauty, and truth. It is a manifest fact that each of us seeks to know the truth, a fact about the human situation which explains why truth is an entrenched concept.

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